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Patch 1.3
iGLxHazardДата: Понедельник, 11.05.2009, 13:44 | Сообщение # 1
Группа: Боевые Братья.
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Patch 1.3.1

New Content
• Two on Two game mode is now available for ranked play.
• Two new four-player maps have been added to the game: (4p) Medean Cliff Mines and (4p) Ruins of Argus. These are available for ranked and custom games.
• We have added a benchmarking performance test; you can find it in the Graphics options tab.
• There are eight new sync kill animations in the game. Keep your eyes open for some new carnage!

New Options:
• We have added a “Push to Talk” option for in-game voice chat. When enabled in the Game Options screen, tilde (~) will control chat.
• We have also added a “Advanced Sub-selection” game option. When enabled sub-selection behavior will be the same as Company of Heroes, where a sub-selected squad will be the only one to receive orders.

• Fixed several crashes where invalid data was being written to logs.
• Fixed a common multithreading crash.
• Fixed some out-of-memory crashes on Vista 32.
• Fixed a crash that could occur if Avitus was reinforcing when a game ended.

UI Change
• The previous PvP squad decorators have been replaced with decorators based on the squad role. The new decorators identify units in a way that is consistent across races. A new loading screen tip has been added to explain the new images.

Replay Improvements
• Added a 4x speed.
• Capture progress bars are now visible.
• Commander wargear and squad upgrades are now visible on unit selection panel.
• Build queues are now displayed.
• Replay control buttons now have audio.
• Decorators now show up in replays.

Army Painter
• Chapter name character limit is now increased to 32.
• Maximum number of custom chapters is now 350.

Gameplay Bug Fixes
• Fixed a bug where a unit with an energy shield could become unkillable if they also had very low health.
• Fixed a bug where the Carnifex would stop meleeing units after killing a hero in melee.
• Tankbusta targeting priorities have been improved, now prefer to target vehicles.
• Fixed a bug where demolition charges could pass through terrain and not detonate.
• Fixed a bug where the Techmarine could continue to repair after being knocked down.
• Squads now unload from a vehicle when it is destroyed.
• Full resource refunds are now granted when a building that hasn’t started construction is cancelled.
• Adjusted refund costs on the Webway gate.
• Adjusted refund costs on the Techmarine’s Space Marine Heavy Bolter turret.
• Fixed a bug where a melee leaping unit would follow a teleporting or jumping unit a long distance.
• Fixed Warp Spider Exarch Enhanced Warp Generator and Improved War Generator.
• Adjusted Scything Talon knockback and suppression.
• Fixed a pathing problem on (6p) Typhon Arena.
• Put a build time on Ravener Tunnels. Tunnels are also vulnerable during construction.

Text Bugs
• Fixed tooltip on Lictor Hero’s Adrenal Gland wargear.
• Fixed tooltip on Catalyst ability.
• Fixed tooltip on Warlock Champion’s robe.
• Fixed an incorrect tooltip on the “Luv da Dakka” ability.

Custom Games
• Players are no longer prompted to dispute a match when a player is kicked from a non-ranked game.
• Players can now select chapter colors for AI players.

• Removed the “Submit Player Review” prompt that would appear if a player left the countdown before a match started.
• Fixed a situation where a party could get broken up when host migration occurred.

Post-game stats
• We now show a “Player has left” message for all players when you quit out to the post game screen.

• Fixed a bug with the Sweeping Advance achievement. Previously it wouldn’t be awarded if the retreating unit was the last entity in the squad.

Audio Improvements
• Speech events now fade out if a higher priority event triggers.
• Medium sound quality preset now chooses 44100Hz instead of 22050Hz.

In-Game HUD and UI
• There are now two map ping buttons, Attack and Defend. (Hotkeys are F8 and F9 respectively.)
• Added a Retreat All hotkey. (ALT-X)
• Added a Retreat Hero hotkey. (SHIFT-X)
• Fixed an issue where the camera would get locked to a position if you band-box selected and landed on a button, then pressed it without moving the mouse.
• The camera no longer strafes when starting a move facing or band-box selection.
• Squads that have sergeants now display the count correctly on the reinforcement UI.
• Unconscious heroes no longer get selected when bandbox selecting multiple units.
• Targeted abilities are now usable on multi-select portraits and on squad tabs.
• Implemented a fix for starting squads not receiving hotkeys when another player loaded slowly.
• Player list bars no longer fade in and out while using voice chat.
• Fixed an issue where “Rear Armor Hit” kickers were triggering multiple times.
• Selection circles no longer disappear on a selected unit that is performing a sync kill.
• Fixed a bug where greyed-out unavailable abilities would show up when a squad was retreating.
• Fixed an issue where the portrait health of a unit could display zero when the unit was still alive.
• Clicking a squad tab on a unit in a Webway gate or Ravener tunnel will now correctly select that squad.
• Fixed a bug where squads with a sergeant would sometimes get two decorators when exiting a webway gate.
• Reinforcement UI no longer displays when a hero is selected.
• Fixed an issue where a blank square would appear when a squad was reinforcing.
• Opposing players no longer see random players’ race selection in the Player List panel.
• Fixed a bug where helptext on purchased hero accessory wargear wasn’t visible.
• Fixed an issue where a black border would sometimes appear on a garrisonable building.
• Pressing space bar in a chat no longer results in two spaces entered.

Game Options
• Fixed a bug where sound for buttons in the Game Options screen would disappear after adjusting brightness.

AI Player improvements
• Expert and Hard players now provide higher early game pressure through a variety of tier one units.
• AI players now purchase a variety of wargear for their hero, and take better care not to hurt their economy.
• AI players now purchase an appropriate amount of generators.
• AI players will engage the enemy and attack more aggressively than before.
• AI players are stronger at preserving units, and retreat at appropriate times both in melee and ranged combat.
• AI players are now much better at using unit abilities.
• AI players will upgrade existing units with a variety of upgrades more intelligently.
• AI players prioritize capture points in a more intelligent fashion.
• AI players tech to tier 2 in an appropriate timeframe and purchase later game units based on combat needs.
• AI players tech to tier 3 and purchases late game units including Carnifexs, predator tanks, fire prisms, etc, based on combat needs.
• AI players now can flank suppression weapons out of combat.
• AI players now purchase dead heroes at more appropriate costs.
• AI players no longer buy and cancel generators when enemies are around.

• Mission briefing speech now only plays the first time a mission is opened.
• Fixed an issue where the starmap button didn’t highlight the first time a player had to travel between planets.
• The character level up screen now accounts for rewards granted by the mission.
• Fixed a fatal SCAR error on Angel Gate.
• Fixed a fatal SCAR error on the first Lictor encounter.

• Added a countdown timer to campaign mission start.
• Fixed an issue where the other player in a coop games hotkeys were always set to 5.

• Added support for Hungarian language.[/spoiler]

Новый режим игры 2 на 2 и две карты под него. Немного фиксов графики и нихуя по балансу... Еще один патч Тираниды будут всех рвать из-за своей откровенной несбалансированности. Релик судя по всему не обращает внимание на то что гоаорят игроки.

Примечание модера: для удобства я загнал в спойлер.

iGLxGEARДата: Вторник, 12.05.2009, 18:13 | Сообщение # 2
Магистр Благочестия
Группа: Магистры.
Сообщений: 109
Награды: 5
Репутация: 10
Статус: Offline
они всегда так поступали, руки не золотые но растут из жопы у них...баланс самое слабое место у них

iGLxHazardДата: Среда, 13.05.2009, 01:17 | Сообщение # 3
Группа: Боевые Братья.
Сообщений: 36
Награды: 2
Репутация: 3
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Погонял только что 2 на 2... вобщем не вставило. время постройки туннелей у РА очччень маленькое почти так же как и без него. В общем ждем патча баланса а не тупых фенечек.

iGLxNeshДата: Среда, 13.05.2009, 22:18 | Сообщение # 4
Группа: Друзья
Сообщений: 144
Награды: 4
Репутация: 8
Статус: Offline
2х2 самый клёвый режим на самом деле, микро там больше требуеться чем в 3х3, и думать больше)) зато 100% экшен. мне очень понра, хотя пока никак не получается сохранять гены(
А баланс будет исправлен в следуйщем патче, тут почти все баги убрали и за это спасибо, туннели норм строются, и не имба и юзабельны)

Мой новый Live ID - Nesh SPAWN

Сообщение отредактировал nesh - Среда, 13.05.2009, 22:19
iGLxHazardДата: Среда, 13.05.2009, 23:54 | Сообщение # 5
Группа: Боевые Братья.
Сообщений: 36
Награды: 2
Репутация: 3
Статус: Offline
Баги не убрали. Мелта бомбы до сих пор работают через раз, юниты до сих пор не слушают приказы, АСМ до сих пор застревают... 2 на 2 надо осваивать всем кланом - при автоматче все равно в команду так и впихнут нуба. Хотя как по мне там нет такого микро как в 1 на 1 и таких боев как в 3 на 3.

iGLxNeshДата: Четверг, 14.05.2009, 18:28 | Сообщение # 6
Группа: Друзья
Сообщений: 144
Награды: 4
Репутация: 8
Статус: Offline
Боёв в 3х3 много только в пустыне и только на 2-х местах, микро да в 1х1 надо больше, кароче освайвай 2х2 ВарМастер онлайн часто и Феникс вроде норм.

Мой новый Live ID - Nesh SPAWN
WarMaster6Дата: Четверг, 14.05.2009, 19:20 | Сообщение # 7
Группа: Магистры.
Сообщений: 488
Награды: 7
Репутация: 16
Статус: Offline
Quote (nesh)
асто и Феникс вроде норм.

[off]только феникм постоянно молчит[/off]

iGLxPanzerДата: Среда, 03.06.2009, 19:41 | Сообщение # 8
Боевой Брат
Группа: Друзья
Сообщений: 122
Награды: 0
Репутация: 3
Статус: Offline
а мне оч понравились мапы 2х2 ^_^

посмотри на эту надпись и пойми ты напрасно просираешь свое время сидя за компом, иди и займись спортом
Форум клана IGL. » Остальное » Trash » Patch 1.3 (уже завтра!)
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